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Cassidy Janson

Cassidy Janson Musical Theatre Biography

Want to know more about the Musical Theatre Actress Cassidy Janson? We have you covered! here’s everything you need to know about Cassidy Janson.

Who is Cassidy Janson?

Cassidy is a British actress and musical theatre performer who was born 30th July 1918. Her most notable accomplishment is winning the Olivier Award 2020 for Best Supporting Performance in a Musical (& Juliet).

When Cassidy takes the stage, people are captivated by her angelic voice. Actress Cassidy excels in alto, mezzo soprano, ballad, cabaret, jazz, and rock singing.

Thanks to her prowess in music, Cassidy Janson released her debut album Cassidy, which contains 14 of her original songs, 12 songs that she co-wrote, and a song written by Carole King.

In her spare time, Cassidy enjoys sports such as boxing, cycling, swimming, running, climbing, horse riding and yoga.

Where is Cassidy Janson from?

Cassidy is from Barnet, United Kingdom.

Where did Cassidy train to become a musical theatre actress?

Cassidy trained in various institutions including London Studio Centre (Dance school in London) Millennium Dance Complex (Dance school in Los Angeles), and The Impulse Company (Drama school in London).

Which musicals has Cassidy Janson been in?

Cassidy has been involved in so many musical/theatre works. Here are some of them:

  • The Route To Happiness as Trinity
  • News Revue as Woman
  • Tick Tick Boom as Susan
  • Bridget Jones The Musical as Jude
  • Star Power as Sarah
  • Only The Brave as Sarah
  • Place Setting as Charlotte
  • Wicked as Elphaba
  • Miss Atomic Bomb as Myrna
  • Blood Wedding as The Maid
  • Avenue Q as Kate Monster
  • Lend Me A Tenor as Maggie Saunders
  • A Rock Romance as Monica
  • Candide as Paquette
  • Dessa Rose as Ruth
  • Beautiful: The Carole King Musical as Carole King
  • Chess as Florence
  • & Juliet as Anne Hathaway

What is Cassidy Janson’s playing age?

Cassidy Janson’s playing age is 28 -40 years.

Who is Cassidy’s Janson’s Agent?

Cassidy’s agent is Creative Artists Management, a talent agency in London, England.

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