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Heathers the Musical Songs

All the Songs in Heathers the Musical

Heathers The Musical, produced by Paul Taylor Mills, has become a standout production, captivating audiences with its dark yet comedic look at high school life, power dynamics, and complex relationships.

The musical adaptation, featuring a rock soundtrack, delves into the lives of Westberg High’s Veronica Sawyer, the cruel Heathers, and the mysterious teen rebel JD.

With music and lyrics by Kevin Murphy, the show addresses mature themes such as sexual violence, eating disorders, strong language, and more, all while maintaining a tone of sheer joyful exuberance.

In this guide, we look at all the songs in the musical and show how each one helps tell the story.

heathers the musical songs

Heathers The Musical Song List

Here are all the Heathers the Musical Songs in order:

1. Beautiful

Introducing Veronica Sawyer and the social landscape of Westerberg High, “Beautiful” sets the stage for the story’s exploration of identity, belonging, and the cost of popularity.

2. Candy Store

Heather Chandler, along with her posse, asserts dominance over the school in “Candy Store,” showcasing the cruel Heathers at their most powerful and fearsome.

3. Fight for Me

“Fight for Me” captures Veronica’s budding fascination with JD, highlighting the allure of the mysterious teen rebel and the excitement of new love.

4. Freeze Your Brain

JD’s solo, “Freeze Your Brain,” offers a glimpse into his method of coping with pain and his desire to escape the harsh realities of life, revealing his troubled past and complex character.

heathers the musical songs

5. Big Fun

“Big Fun” represents the height of teenage recklessness and party culture, providing a light-hearted contrast to the musical’s darker themes and showcasing the ephemeral joys of youth.

6. Dead Girl Walking

Faced with social exile, Veronica chooses defiance in “Dead Girl Walking,” a powerful anthem of rebellion, sexual empowerment, and self-expression.

7. Me Inside of Me

“Me Inside of Me” reflects on the aftermath of a shocking event, delving into the internal struggles and the quest for identity and understanding among the characters.

8. You’re Welcome

Addressing sexual violence and consent, “You’re Welcome” replaces the original “Blue” with a critique of predatory behaviour, blending dark humour with serious commentary.

heathers the musical songs

9. Our Love is God

Veronica and JD’s relationship deepens in “Our Love is God,” intertwining their love with a descent into destructive decisions, highlighting the narrative’s shift towards a darker path.

10. Seventeen

A heartfelt plea for normalcy, “Seventeen” sees Veronica and JD longing for a return to innocence and simplicity amidst the chaos, embodying the desire for peace and understanding.

11. Shine a Light

Highlighting efforts to combat despair and promote positivity at Westerberg High, “Shine a Light” serves as a beacon of hope and the potential for change.

12. Lifeboat

Heather McNamara takes centre stage in “Lifeboat,” offering insight into her vulnerabilities and the pressures of maintaining her status within the social hierarchy.

heathers the musical songs

13. Kindergarten Boyfriend

Martha Dunnstock reflects on simpler times and the innocence of childhood love in “Kindergarten Boyfriend,” a poignant and touching exploration of longing and loss.

14. Yo Girl

A haunting reflection on the escalating tensions and dangers within the narrative, “Yo Girl” intensifies the sense of foreboding and the consequences of the characters’ actions.

15. Meant to Be Yours

JD’s dark descent is fully realised in “Meant to Be Yours,” where his plans take a sinister turn, revealing the depths of his turmoil and determination.

16. Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)

A reprise of the earlier anthem, this version of “Dead Girl Walking” sees Veronica confronting the reality of her situation, ready to take a stand and fight back.

17. I Am Damaged

“I Am Damaged” focuses on JD’s realisation of the impact of his actions, offering a moment of introspection and the possibility of redemption, however fleeting.

18. Seventeen (Reprise)

The musical concludes with a reprise of “Seventeen,” where Veronica and the surviving characters reflect on their experiences, longing for a simpler, more compassionate world.

heathers the musical songs in order


Heathers The Musical has left a lasting impact on audiences with its ability to blend dark humour with deeply emotional and complex themes. The soundtrack plays a pivotal role in conveying the story’s dynamics, from the highs of teenage exuberance to the lows of despair and redemption.

Whether it’s the allure of the cruel Heathers, the struggles of Veronica Sawyer, or the complexity of the mysterious teen rebel JD, there’s something in this production for everyone, underscored by its engaging music and poignant storytelling.

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