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Is Six The Musical Suitable For Children? Here’s What You Need to Know

Everyone’s talking about Six the Musical, and it’s no surprise. With its catchy tunes and unique concept, this musical is taking the spotlight from the West End to Broadway.

Families across the UK are keen to understand: “Is this the perfect pick for our next theatre outing?” Here’s a detailed breakdown to help families decide.

What is Six the Musical?

Ever thought history could be this entertaining? Six the Musical does just that. It brings Henry VIII’s six wives to the forefront, but with a twist. Instead of old tales and portraits, these queens are presented as pop stars.

They sing, they dance, and most importantly, they share their side of the story. The musical, which first caught attention at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, combines history with today’s pop culture, making it appealing to both young and older audiences.

Is Six The Musical Suitable for Children?

While “Six” boasts lively songs and dynamic performances, it’s best suited for kids aged 10 and above. The reason? The musical doesn’t just offer fun tunes; it delves into the deeper, sometimes mature, stories of the queens.

For instance, “Don’t Lose Ur Head” is a catchy number, but it has playful references that are tailored for adults, much like some jokes in a panto. These bits are designed to entertain adults while going unnoticed by younger audience members.

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Where to Watch Six the Musical:

If this guide has piqued interest, the next step is booking those tickets! In the UK, families can enjoy the musical at the Vaudeville Theatre in London. Beyond the capital, “Six” is on a UK tour, making it accessible to folks in various regions.

And for those across the Atlantic, the musical is a hit on Broadway and is currently touring North America. So, no matter where one is, there’s likely a stage showcasing this royal treat nearby.

Final Thoughts

Six the Musical is more than just songs and dances; it’s an experience. A unique blend of history and entertainment, it promises a memorable outing for families.

Just remember the age recommendation and perhaps have a little chat with the younger ones post-show!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Heard of Six the Musical and got questions? Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

What’s the story behind “Six The Musical”?

Six the Musical gives a voice to Henry VIII’s six wives, turning them from historical figures into modern-day pop stars. Through catchy songs, each queen shares her side of the story, moving away from their usual portrayal as just wives of a king.

How Long is Six the Musical?

A typical performance of “Six” runs for approximately 80 minutes, and there’s no interval.

Where did Six The Musical originate?

The musical first captured hearts at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe before making its way to bigger stages like the West End and Broadway.

Who are the creators of Six The Musical the musical?

“Six” was brilliantly crafted by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss during their student days at Cambridge University.

Is Six the Musical historically accurate?

While “Six” is rooted in historical events, it offers a modern reinterpretation. The songs, though inspired by real-life stories of the queens, are presented with a contemporary flair.

How many songs are in the Six the Musical?

The musical boasts a collection of nine main songs, with each queen having a solo, and a group number that they all share.

Are there any standout songs I might recognise?

One of the standout numbers is “Don’t Lose Ur Head” which went viral on TikTok in 2019.

Is there a Cast Recording of Six the Musical?

Yes! There’s a cast recording available, which means you can enjoy the songs wherever you are.

Are there any adult themes in Six the Musical?

The musical is recommended for ages 10 and up. Some themes and references, especially in songs like “Don’t Lose Ur Head”, are more adult-oriented but are presented in a way similar to panto humour.

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