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mean girls musical Characters

Ultimate Guide to the Characters in Mean Girls the Musical

Mean Girls the Musical is coming to London in June 2024! This fun and lively show tells a high school tale full of humour, friendship, and catchy songs. Before you catch the London premiere, we’ve put together a simple guide to help you get to know the characters better.

From the new girl in school, Cady Heron, to the popular queen bee, Regina George, this guide will introduce you to the individuals who bring this entertaining story to life. So, whether you are familiar with Mean Girls or new to its musical charm, our character guide is here to prep you for a delightful theatre experience in London.

Stay tuned as we dive into the exciting world of Mean Girls the Musical!

Key Takeaways

  • Meet the Characters: Get to know the characters of Mean Girls the Musical, from the new girl Cady Heron to the popular Regina George.
  • Storyline: Follow Cady’s journey as she navigates the complex world of high school and takes on the queen bee, Regina George.
  • Creative Team: Learn about the award-winning team behind the musical, including book writer Tina Fey, composer Jeff Richmond, and lyricist Nell Benjamin.

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Mean Girls the Musical Characters

Here are all the characters in Mean Girls the Musical:

Cady Heron:

Raised in the African savanna, Cady is a sweet and naïve girl who finds herself in the challenging world of North Shore High School in suburban Illinois.

As the new kid, she navigates her way through the intricate social dynamics, uncovering the wild and vicious nature of high school life.

Regina George:

Regina is the epitome of popularity and the reigning queen bee of North Shore High School.

Her charming but ruthless demeanour keeps her at the top of the social hierarchy, but it also leads to her eventual downfall.

With a wicked sense of humour and an immense energy for manipulation, Regina is a character you love to hate.

Gretchen Wieners:

Known as Regina’s sidekick, Gretchen is a member of the Plastics, a group of popular girls led by Regina.

Desperate for approval, she struggles with self-esteem issues and is always second-guessing herself. Her character explores the challenge of finding one’s identity amidst the chaos of high school.

Karen Smith:

Another member of the Plastics, Karen is often portrayed as the most naïve and simple-minded of the trio. Her humorous take on situations and oblivious nature provide comic relief throughout the musical.

Janis Sarkisian:

Janis is the artsy, rebellious character who befriends Cady and helps her navigate her new school. As a former friend of Regina, she harbours resentment towards her and helps Cady in her plan to end Regina’s reign.

Damian Hubbard:

Damian is Janis’s best friend and the musical’s openly gay character. He is humorous, supportive, and is known for his iconic one-liners.

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Aaron Samuels:

Aaron is Regina’s ex-boyfriend and the object of Cady’s affection. He is depicted as the ‘nice guy’ amidst the chaos of the high school drama.

Principal Duvall:

The school’s principal who tries to maintain order amidst the chaos that ensues throughout the musical.

Ms. Norbury:

A teacher at North Shore High School, Ms. Norbury is a pivotal character in Cady’s journey. She is smart, supportive, and helps Cady realize her mistakes and grow as a person.

Kevin Gnapoor:

The mathlete president and a rapper, Kevin is confident and outgoing. He is persistent in his pursuit of Janis, which adds a humorous subplot to the musical.

Coach Carr:

The school’s gym teacher who is involved in a scandal that sets off a chain reaction of events in the plot.

The Plastics’ Parents:

Regina’s mother, known as the ‘cool mom’, and Karen and Gretchen’s parents, who are only briefly mentioned, provide a glimpse into the home lives of the Plastics.

The Mathletes:

A group of students who participate in the math competition. They represent the antithesis of the Plastics and the popular crowd.

School Students:

Various students at North Shore High School, who serve as the ensemble in the musical. They contribute to the musical numbers and help set the scene of the high school environment.

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What is Mean Girls the Musical about?

Cady Heron moves from the African savanna to suburban Illinois and finds herself in the complex world of North Shore High School.

She befriends Janis and Damian, who guide her through the social dynamics of the school. Cady is soon accepted into the Plastics, where she discovers the wild and vicious ways of Regina George.

As she gets consumed by the world of popularity, Cady devises a plan to end Regina’s reign.

Who wrote Mean Girls the Musical?

The award-winning creative team behind Mean Girls the Musical includes book writer Tina Fey, composer Jeff Richmond, and lyricist Nell Benjamin.

Tina Fey, known for her work on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ’30 Rock’, wrote the book for the musical. Jeff Richmond, also known for ’30 Rock’ and ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’, composed the music.

Nell Benjamin, who penned the lyrics, is known for her work on Legally Blonde the Musical.

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Mean Girls the Musical Songs

Song Title Character(s) Singing
“A Cautionary Tale” Janis, Damian
“It Roars” Cady, Female Ensemble
“Where Do You Belong?” Damian, Male Ensemble
“Meet the Plastics” Regina, Karen, Gretchen, Cady
“Stupid with Love” Cady
“Apex Predator” Janis, Cady, Female Ensemble
“What’s Wrong with Me?” Gretchen
“Stupid with Love” (Reprise) Aaron
“Sexy” Karen, Female Ensemble
“Someone Gets Hurt” Regina, Aaron, Ensemble
“Revenge Party” Janis, Cady, Damian, Ensemble
“Fearless” Cady, Janis, Damian, Ensemble
“Stop” Damian, Ensemble
“What’s Wrong with Me?” (Reprise) Gretchen
“Whose House Is This?” Ensemble
“More Is Better” Cady, Aaron
“Someone Gets Hurt” (Reprise) Cady
“World Burn” Regina, Female Ensemble
“I See Stars” Entire Cast


Mean Girls the Musical is an energetic and humorous adaptation of the beloved film.

With its dynamic characters, from the naïve newbie Cady Heron to the ruthless Regina George, and an infectious song list, it is a must-see for both fans of the original film and newcomers alike.

As Cady learns the hard way, navigating the world of high school and taking on a queen bee without getting stung is no easy feat.

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