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Everything you Need to Know about Mean Girls the Musical (2024 Guide)

Hey there theatre lovers! If you’re a fan of the hit film Mean Girls, then you’re in for a treat. Get ready to dive into the world of Mean Girls the Musical – the sassiest, most fetch (yes, we’re making fetch happen) show around.

From the minds of the award-winning creative team, including the genius composer Jeff Richmond and book writer Tina Fey, this musical adaptation of the iconic film is filled with wild and vicious ways, catty one-liners, and lessons about friendship that will warm your heart.

Whether you’re a Plastic, a Mathlete, or somewhere in between, this guide will prep you for the London production which will open at the Savoy Theatre in June 2024.

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Mean Girls the Musical Plot:

Cady Heron may have grown up on the African savanna, but nothing prepared her for the wild and vicious jungle that is her strange new home suburban Illinois high school.

Led by the charming but ruthless Regina George, a trio of lionized frenemies rule the school. As Cady devises a plan to end Regina’s reign, she learns the hard way about the consequences of revenge and the importance of true friendship.

Mean Girls the Musical Writers:

The dynamic duo behind Mean Girls the Musical are none other than the brilliant Tina Fey and her multi-talented husband, Jeff Richmond.

Fey, who also wrote the screenplay for the original Paramount Pictures film, has brilliantly adapted the story for the stage, while Richmond, known for his work on 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, composed the music.

Together with lyricist Nell Benjamin, who also penned the lyrics for Legally Blonde the Musical, they have created a musical masterpiece. The show is produced by Lorne Michaels, Stuart Thompson, and Sonia Friedman, and features choreography by Casey Nicholaw.

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Mean Girls the Musical Characters:

Meet the infamous characters of North Shore High School. At the top of the popularity pecking order is Regina George, the queen bee without getting stung, whose beauty and charisma hide a wicked sense of manipulation. Her devoted sidekicks are Gretchen Wieners, who’s full of secrets, and Karen Smith, the not-so-bright follower.

Then there’s our heroine, Cady Heron, the naïve newbie who rises through the ranks, and Janis Sarkisian and Damian Hubbard, the artistic outsiders who guide her along the way. And let’s not forget Aaron Samuels, Regina’s ex-boyfriend and the object of Cady’s affection.

Role Character Description
Regina George The queen bee of North Shore High School. She is beautiful, charismatic, and manipulative.
Cady Heron The new girl at school who rises through the popularity ranks and eventually hatches a plan to end Regina’s reign.
Gretchen Wieners A member of Regina’s inner circle, full of secrets and desperate for approval.
Karen Smith Another member of Regina’s inner circle, not very bright but very loyal.
Janis Sarkisian An artistic outsider who becomes friends with Cady and helps her navigate the social scene at North Shore High School.
Damian Hubbard Janis’s best friend, flamboyant and funny.
Aaron Samuels Regina’s ex-boyfriend, and the object of Cady’s affection.

Mean Girls the Musical Songs:

With music by Jeff Richmond, and lyrics by Nell Benjamin, the score of the Mean Girls Musical is as catchy as it is clever.

Songs like “Apex Predator” and “A Cautionary Tale” provide humorous insights into the vicious ways of teenage life, while ballads like “More is Better” and “I See Stars” explore the characters’ deeper emotions and desires.

And of course, there’s the anthem “World Burn,” where Cady takes her plan to end Regina’s reign to a whole new level.

Song Title Description
A Cautionary Tale Janis and Damian give Cady a rundown of the school’s cliques and warn her about Regina and The Plastics.
It Roars Cady expresses her mixed feelings about her new school in suburban Illinois after growing up in the African savanna.
Where Do You Belong? Damian and Janis give Cady a tour of the school cafeteria, explaining the different social groups.
Meet The Plastics The Plastics, Regina, Gretchen, and Karen, introduce themselves to Cady.
Stupid With Love Cady sings about her crush on Aaron Samuels.
Apex Predator Cady reflects on the popularity pecking order and her place within it.
What’s Wrong With Me? Gretchen expresses her insecurities and desire for Regina’s approval.
Stupid With Love (Reprise) Cady devises a plan to spend more time with Aaron by pretending to be bad at math.
Sexy Karen sings about dressing sexy for Halloween.
Someone Gets Hurt Regina seduces Aaron and reclaims him as her boyfriend.
Revenge Party Janis, Damian, and Cady plot to take down Regina.
Fearless Cady celebrates becoming a Plastic and gaining popularity.
Stop Damian sings about the need for self-control and self-reflection.
What’s Wrong With Me? (Reprise) Gretchen tries to figure out why Regina is mad at her.
Whose House Is This? The characters sing about the wild house party taking place at Cady’s new home suburban Illinois.
More Is Better Cady and Aaron share a kiss.
Someone Gets Hurt (Reprise) Regina realizes she has been betrayed by Cady.
World Burn Regina exposes the secrets of her classmates and causes chaos.
I’d Rather Be Me Janis expresses her feelings of betrayal by Cady and asserts her individuality.
Do This Thing Cady, Janis, and Damian prepare for the Mathletes competition.
I See Stars Cady realizes her mistakes and makes amends with her friends.

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Mean Girls the Musical London:

Get excited, because Mean Girls the Musical is coming to London’s West End in June 2024.

After a successful North American tour and a sold-out Broadway production, this musical adaptation of the beloved film is set to take the London theatre scene by storm.

Tickets are on sale now at the Savoy Theatre’s Official Website.

Final Thoughts

Mean Girls is a must-see for fans of the film and musical theatre lovers alike. With a smart and funny book by Tina Fey, catchy music by Jeff Richmond, and sharp lyrics by Nell Benjamin, it’s no wonder this show has garnered a legion of devoted fans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we answer your questions on Mean Girls the Musical and it’s upcoming London run.

What is ‘Mean Girls the Musical’ about?

‘Mean Girls the Musical’ is a musical adaptation of the 2004 film ‘Mean Girls,’ which was written by Tina Fey. It follows the story of Cady Heron, a teenager who moves from the African savanna to suburban Illinois, where she navigates the treacherous social hierarchy of her new high school, encountering friendships, rivalry, and romance along the way.

Who wrote ‘Mean Girls the Musical’?

The book for ‘Mean Girls the Musical’ was written by Tina Fey, with music by Jeff Richmond and lyrics by Nell Benjamin.

How long is ‘Mean Girls the Musical’?

The running time for ‘Mean Girls the Musical’ is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, including an intermission.

Is ‘Mean Girls the Musical’ suitable for children?

‘Mean Girls the Musical’ is recommended for ages 10 and up. It contains some mild language and themes that may not be suitable for younger children.

Is there a cast recording of ‘Mean Girls the Musical’?

Yes, there is an Original Broadway Cast Recording of ‘Mean Girls the Musical’ available for purchase and streaming on various platforms.

Is ‘Mean Girls the Musical’ coming to London’s West End?

Yes, the show will open it’s doors at the Savoy Theatre in June 2024.

Can I stage a production of ‘Mean Girls the Musical’?

Licensing rights for ‘Mean Girls the Musical’ are managed by Music Theatre International (MTI). Any organisation wishing to stage a production of ‘Mean Girls the Musical’ must obtain the necessary rights and permissions from MTI.

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