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theatre royal windsor

What’s on at the at Theatre Royal Windsor in 2024

Nestled in the heart of Royal Windsor, the Theatre Royal Windsor stands as a beacon of cultural entertainment, offering an array of performances that captivate and inspire audiences.

Known as the only unsubsidised producing theatre in the UK, it presents a unique mix of homegrown productions and touring shows, making it a pivotal player in Britain’s theatrical landscape, comparable to London’s West End.

Upcoming Musicals at Theatre Royal Windsor

This season, Theatre Royal Windsor is set to host an exciting line-up of touring musicals, each promising to bring its own flavour of storytelling, music, and performance to this venerable venue.

Little Shop of Horrors UK Tour theatre royal windsor

Little Shop of Horrors (18th June – 22nd June 2024)

This beloved musical offers a darkly comedic take on the story of Seymour, an awkward florist shop worker who discovers a mysterious plant with a thirst for human blood. With its unique blend of horror, comedy, and rock music, “Little Shop of Horrors” has captivated audiences worldwide.

The musical’s charm lies in its outlandish characters, particularly the carnivorous plant, Audrey II, which grows into an uncontrollable force. Expect a production filled with catchy songs like “Suddenly, Seymour” and “Skid Row,” alongside a poignant commentary on fame, greed, and moral integrity.

Frankie Goes to Bollywood UK Tour theatre royal windsor

Frankie Goes to Bollywood (25th June – 29th June 2024)

“Frankie Goes to Bollywood” is an exuberant musical that fuses Western musical elements with the vibrancy of Indian culture. The storyline revolves around a cross-cultural romance set against the backdrop of a grand Indian wedding, promising a spectacle of colours, dance, and music.

This musical is a celebration of diversity, showcasing the fusion of different musical styles and storytelling traditions. Audiences can look forward to a lively and heart-warming experience, with dynamic characters, vibrant dance numbers, and a soundtrack that blends various musical genres.

Heathers the musical UK Tour theatre royal windsor

Heathers the Musical (24th July – 27th July 2024)

Based on the cult classic film, “Heathers the Musical” is a dark comedy that tackles themes of teenage angst, popularity, and the social dynamics of high school. The story follows Veronica Sawyer, who navigates the treacherous waters of high school hierarchy when she becomes involved with the Heathers, the school’s reigning clique.

The musical is known for its witty dialogue, edgy humour, and catchy, emotive songs. It provides a satirical look at the extremes of high school life, with memorable numbers like “Candy Store” and “Seventeen,” offering both entertainment and a poignant critique of societal norms.

The Addams Family theatre royal windsor

The Addams Family (28th August – 31st August 2024)

“The Addams Family” musical brings the beloved, quirky family to life on stage, with a story that explores themes of family, acceptance, and love in their uniquely macabre way. The plot centres around Wednesday Addams, the family’s daughter, who falls in love with a “normal” boy and the ensuing chaos as their two worlds collide.

This musical is known for its humour, eccentric characters, and catchy songs that delve into the characters’ inner lives and relationships. With a mix of gothic charm and contemporary flair, “The Addams Family” offers a fun and heart-warming experience that celebrates the notion that being different is what makes us special.

touring musicals coming to theatre royal windsor

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Each of these musicals offers a unique theatrical experience, showcasing the range and versatility of performances at Theatre Royal Windsor.

These musicals visiting Theatre Royal Windsor are in high demand, so it’s a good idea to secure your tickets early.

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Where is the Theatre Royal Windsor?

Theatre Royal Windsor is located at Thames Street, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1PS. It’s situated in the heart of Windsor, close to the famous Windsor Castle, making it a prominent cultural venue in the town.

Where’s the Best Place to Park for the Theatre Royal Windsor?

There are several parking options near Theatre Royal Windsor. Notable spots include Windsor Yards Shopping Centre, Alma Road, Alexandra Gardens, and King Edward VII car parks. These offer varying rates and are within a short walking distance from the theatre​​.

How Old is the Theatre Royal Windsor?

The Theatre Royal Windsor is 122 years old, having opened its doors on 13 December 1910. This makes it a historic venue with a rich legacy in the UK’s theatre scene​​.

How Many Seats are inside the Theatre Royal Windsor?

The Theatre Royal Windsor boasts 633 seats, offering an intimate yet grand setting for various performances​​.

How to Book Tickets for the Theatre Royal Windsor?

Tickets for Theatre Royal Windsor can be booked online, via phone, or in person at the box office. This flexibility ensures that audiences can secure their seats in a manner that’s most convenient for them​​.

What are some good places to eat near the Theatre Royal Windsor?

The area around Theatre Royal Windsor is dotted with a variety of dining options. Notable mentions include Thai Square, Pizza Express and Browns Restaurant & Bar. These establishments offer a range of cuisines to cater to diverse tastes, perfect for a pre-theatre dinner or a post-show meal​​.