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The Rise of Tom Francis in the World of Theatre from London to Broadway

In the vibrant world of theatre, few names have sparked as much excitement in recent times as Tom Francis.

The UK-based actor has been making a name for himself on the London stage, captivating audiences with his performances and leaving critics in awe.

From his training at the prestigious ArtsEd to his roles in renowned productions such as ‘& Juliet’ and ‘Sunset Boulevard’, Francis’s journey is a fascinating tale of talent, dedication, and passion for the craft.

As he prepares to take his career to new heights with a move to Broadway, we’re taking a look at Tom’s career so far.

 tom francis actor

The Early Years: Tom Francis’s Journey to the Stage

Tom started his journey to the stage at ArtsEd in London. After graduating in 2020, he quickly made his mark in the world of theatre, taking on a variety of roles that showcased his versatility and talent.

His professional debut was made in the winter of 2020 at the Hope Mill Theatre in Manchester, with standout performances in ‘Rent’ at the Hope Mill Theatre and ‘What’s New Pussycat?’ at the Birmingham Rep Company.

His breakthrough came when he was cast as Romeo in ‘& Juliet’ at the Shaftesbury Theatre. This role solidified his place in the West End and was met with acclaim.

In addition to ‘& Juliet’, Tom also starred as Joe Gillis in ‘Sunset Boulevard’ at the Savoy Theatre. His remarkable portrayal of the character has led to him being cast in the same role for the upcoming Broadway adaptation of the show.

Tom Francis on Social Media

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Final Thoughts

Tom Francis is a great example of the talent in the UK theatre world. With his range of roles and clear talent, he is definitely an actor to watch!

Make sure you give him a follow on Social Media so you can keep updated with his upcoming Broadway Debut and future projects.

tom francis actor

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we answer Frequently Asked Questions about Tom Francis.

What has Tom Francis been in?

Tom Francis has been in several notable productions. He made his professional debut in the winter of 2020 at the Hope Mill Theatre in Manchester. His theatre credits include “& Juliet” at the Shaftesbury Theatre, “What’s New Pussycat” at the Birmingham Rep, “Rent” at the Hope Mill Theatre, “Hair – The Concert” at the London Palladium, and “I Could Use A Drink” by Gartland Productions.

Who is Tom Francis’s agent?

Tom Francis is represented by the Jonathan Arun Group, a talent agency that represents and advises artists of outstanding talent and international reputation.

Who did Tom Francis play in & Juliet?

In the hit musical “& Juliet”, Tom Francis played the role of Romeo.

Will Tom Francis be in Sunset Boulevard on Broadway?

Yes, Tom Francis will be part of the Broadway run of Sunset Boulevard in 2024. He will reprise his role as Joe Gillis, which he played in the West End production.

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